How to use my custom font

Photo Editor supports custom fonts.

  1. Copy TTF fonts( *.ttf ) to a directory(any directory you want)
    You can download free fonts from free font sites: Search "free ttf fonts".
  2. Run Photo Editor
  3. Text/Image > Add Text
  4. Click Properties tab of the Text dialog
  5. Click Font button - Font dialog will be displayed
  6. Click Custom tab of the Font dialog
    Change directory to your font directory and select a font.

My custom font does not work

The cause of this issue is badly formed TTF font files. Minor issues in font files may be ignored or tolerated by most systems rendering the font, however the tolerance level in the early builds of Lollipop was not so high and some fonts fail to render causing the system to fall back to using the default font.

Solution: Convert TTF font file in the following site

Screen Overlay Detected

Screen Overlay is a special permission granted to Android Apps, with the help of which Apps can appear on the top of other App Screen. You need to temporarily disable Screen Overlay permission of some Android apps to get rid of this error on your device.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down to Apps
  3. Tap on Three Dots
  4. Click on Draw Over Other Apps
  5. Again tap on Three Dots
  6. Click on Show System Apps
  7. Now Turn off Screen Overlay of all apps

Turn on Documents in Settings > Installed apps first

This issue occurs on devices that do not support the Android Storage Access Framework.

Where: Tools > Animated Gif, Tools > Create PDF, Tools > Compress to ZIP

Solution: Turn off "Documents API"

  1. Run Photo Editor
  2. Goto Settings
  3. Turn off Use "Documents API"
  • This is a common problem with some Xiaomi devices.
  • Turn off this option ONLY IF your device does not support the Android Storage Access Framework. Otherwise, you may not be able to save to the SD card. Please use with caution.

Too many "Out of memory" errors

Photo Editor tries to load the image at its maximum size. Depending on the device, Photo Editor may not be able to accurately calculate the maximum available memory, and an out-of-memory error may occur.

Solution: Lower the maximum resolution to less than the detected value.

  1. Run Photo Editor
  2. Goto Settings
  3. Change Reduce Max Resolution to less than 100%
Caution: After changing this option, you must reload the image.

What is "Chroma subsampling"?

Chroma subsampling is the practice of encoding images by implementing less resolution for chroma information than for luma information, taking advantage of the human v isual system's lower acuity for color differences than for luminance. - From Wikipedia

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