Data Deletion Request

As described in the "INFORMATION COLLECTION AND USE" section of our Privacy Policy page, we collect several identifiers (not physical device identifiers) that are generated for advertising and analytics purposes. These data are not personally identifiable information. Nevertheless, if you would like to remove these identifiers, please follow the steps below.
  1. Uninstall Photo Editor - Dissociate identifiers
    If you uninstall Photo Editor, several identifiers will no longer be associated with your Photo Editor installation. So it is no longer possible to identify your Photo Editor installation.
    • Firebase installation ID (FID)
      Data tied to a Firebase installation is generally not personally identifying. Firebase installation IDs identify app installations and data tied to those app installations.
    • Firebase Analytics retains event data for 2 months
    • Firebase Crashlytics retains associated identifiers and crash data for 90 days
  2. Reset Advertising ID - Optional
    The advertising ID is a unique, user-resettable ID for advertising, provided by Google Play services. It gives users better controls and provides developers with a simple, standard system to continue to monetize their apps. It enables users to reset their identifier or opt-out of personalized ads (formerly known as interest-based ads) within Google Play apps.
  3. If you have any questions about "Data Deletion", please contact us here.